Jazztime Magazine : Entrevista por Marta Ramon

“Currently living in Madrid, Vistel has had a prolific career as a leader but has also established himself as an in-demand sideman for great musicians during their European tours, including Roy Hargrove, David Murray, Benny Golson, Henry Cole and Marcus Printup, among others.

What is the story behind the music on Cimarrón?
As its name implies, Cimarrón is a slave who escaped and fought to follow his goal: reaching freedom. This album was created with this spirit, having a personal goal as my artistic evolution. |

Does the concept shape the writing of the music?
Of course, they complement each other. Music is shaped by the ideas that give rise to the compositions I’ll develop afterwards.

What influences shape your style?
I think style is fundamental. It is really important having a personal playing style. Mine is shaped by traditional influences, combined with my Afro-Cuban roots and inspired by the avant-garde jazz stream…


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